Life Mission

Submitted by Craig on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 01:44

A life mission is the kind of outcome that shapes one's entire life. A life mission has these characteristics:

  • Long Term
  • Clear and Compelling
  • Connect with Core Values and Identity
  • Emotionally Compelling
  • Seem Impossible at First
  • Do not Require Sacrifice of Present Moment for Future Outcome

It is not surprising to learn that many people go through life, never having discovered the specific purpose they were born to do.

For those people, we highly recommend the use of the Path Primer from Brain Technologies, as a starting point for discovering one's purpose.

Once one's purpose becomes clear, it is quite amazing how all other aspects of one's life align themselves to support that purpose. Then NLP really becomes a powerful tool for helping to energize and move a person forward in achieving that purpose.